Push boxes out of your way to navigate through the warehouse mazes. But watch out! If you touch a forklift, you'll restart the level. Use hidden, moveable boxes to strategically block forklifts or quickly complete a level. There are currently three levels to complete with more mazes planned in future releases. Play online or download the PICO-8 cartridge below to play locally and review my code. (Note: My code's a bit messy in order to finish by the end of the Movement Jam. I hope to clean it up in the future.) Enjoy!


  • Move Left = LEFT ARROW
  • Move Right = RIGHT ARROW
  • Move Up = UP ARROW
  • Move Down = DOWN ARROW
  • Start/Restart Game = X
Updated 16 days ago
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, movement-jam, PICO-8


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Boxes PICO-8 Cartridge 9 kB


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I've been enjoying playing this game, Matt! Great work! I wonder if navigating the maze would be easier if 1) the player was locked to a grid and / or 2) movable boxes would visually "shake" every few seconds. If you aren't lined up perfectly, sometimes you can't push moveable boxes.

Regardless, I loved following the development on Twitter and it's amazing to see your concept realized! Amazing job!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed playing it. I love the "shaking" box idea if the player isn't quite lined up correctly. That idea plus adjusting the collision a bit would make it a bit easier to navigate the maze. I can't wait to start working on it again - cause I totally will. So many ideas! Thanks again for all your support.

I've been following some of your twitter posts and I was excited to actually play this one. It's a fun puzzle concept, and definitely a unique take on "movement" for sure! One thing I would recommend is making the players hitbox smaller if you can, squeezing into some gaps can get frustrating. Also, delineating between boxes that move up/down and left/right in code might be useful to prevent some glitches that you can come across. I also found that pushing a box into a forklift against a stationary box will push the forklift through the wall. Nothing game breaking, just some bugs I ran into. I really enjoyed this, good job!

Thanks for playing my game and hosting such a fun game jam! This was a great chance for me to dive more into developing with PICO-8 - which was a blast. I really appreciate your feedback - spot on. When I get time, I hope to continue working on this game. It was a lot of fun to tinker with, and I'd love to release a v2.0... some day. LOL! Please host another game jam in the future. I'd love to participate again.